The last eighteen months have been tough for everybody in the industry, from TowerCo owners to on-site maintenance teams, all the way to the many engineers, technicians and consultants who kept global communications flowing, ensuring that communities around the world stayed connected.

As we all grappled with rapidly evolving circumstances and governmental instructions, the traditional roles of employers and employees shifted. For some, this meant working from home, for others it was a hybrid, but for all, it was challenging.

Here at Delmec, we’ve been looking back over that time, and using it to learn more about how we’d like to work in the future. No longer able to travel around the world for meetings and site visits, I have more time to watch how we operate, and decided to make self-care in the workplace a priority going forward.

As the company CEO, I’m aware of the importance of leading by example, so I’m setting myself the goal of visibly developing better home life / work life boundaries. These include starting and finishing at set times, only working after hours in exceptional circumstances, and discussing, encouraging and taking time off. Annual leave is important in helping us all to rest our bodies and minds, but all too often we keep putting it off, believing ourselves too busy to step away from our work, even for a short period of time.

Like many people, I’ve been working from home a lot over the last eighteen months, and that’s made me much more attentive to its difficulties. From a leadership perspective, we’re endeavouring to help employees with these challenges, including addressing the lack of appropriate or quiet workspaces and introducing more flexibility when it comes to looking after children or other dependents.

We’re also working to develop systems that will allow us to reallocate tasks to suit the employee’s circumstances, reduce their workload where necessary, and help with vital equipment, such as laptops, microphones or headphones.

There are other ways to help, of course, and from a leadership perspective, I know that sometimes it’s the little things that can really improve a person’s day. We encourage non-work-related social interactions, such as those ‘water-cooler’ moments, where team members can chat about everything from their pet puppy to the latest episode of Love Island. We also encourage brief check-ins to see how everyone is doing and we’re working on employee engagement initiatives such as a Delmec social club.

The pandemic brought many challenges, but also a number of learning opportunities, and chief among the lessons I’ve learned is that Delmec is a company founded on successful synergies. And that starts with nurturing the most important relationship of them all: that of our employers and our valued employees.Te